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Recipe For The Perfect Murder

Domzale, Domžale, Slovenia

This time it is a country club which needs your help. Turn into detectives and solve the mystery behind the murder of Lord Byron.

The Secret Of Nikola Tesla

Domzale, Domžale, Slovenia

Do you have the courage to enter the time machine that will take you 100 years back to save the legacy of Nikola Tesla and find the way out of the escape room in time?

Moonlight Forest Escape

Ljubljana, Slovenia

It's a dark night in the forest. At precisely midnight tonight Bloody Mary, the vampire, will awaken and will be ravenous for fresh blood!

Pirate Treasure

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Black Fox, the pirate captain, was once the terror of the seven seas!

Forest Escape In The Rain

Ljubljana, Slovenia

It's raining! You're on the fronts; the weather and war fronts. With your last strength your team has managed the enemy's most recent attack and has retreated behind the frontline, into the safe embrace of ...

Save The Bird

Ljubljana, Slovenia

A chatty bird had caught himself in a cage in the middle of the woods in Ljubljana!

Blind Area

Budapest, Hungary

There is an ongoing rivalry between two car gangs, technological marvels can help either team a huge deal.

Madness or Brilliant Mind?

Budapest, Hungary

The lauded mathematician has spent the last years of his life working on a ground breaking formula.

Prison Break

Budapest, Hungary

Anthony Skape fled the well-known Bronx prison with insider help.

House of Mystery

Budapest, Hungary

James Boudini the reknowned magician is charged with fraud.

Rooms of the Month

Sherlock Holmes: A Matter Of Time

Alexandria, VA, United States

Sherlock has summoned you to his study to assist on a case he has almost finished. You arrive to find him missing, yet know he was recently there... the scotch glasses still have ice in ...
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Ocean’s Casino

Copenhagen, Denmark

It's your time to get rich, to have more money than you can possibly every need. Getting it won't be easy, you'll have to overcome many challenges, but the prize is worth the effort. Do ...
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Secret of Cards

Munich, Germany

Fred, your friend invited you all to a poker party to his apartment. But when you arrive, strange things start to happen… First of all, Fred cannot be found anywhere.
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