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The first decade of the XIX century, witnessed the expansion of the Napoleonic empire throughout Europe. The war effort, destroyed Portugal’s social and economic tissue and triggered a period of social and political instability.

D. Frei Manuel of the Cenacle, The Metropolitan Archbishop of Évora at the time, renowned for his enlightened and reformist spirit, lives the excesses of the Napoleonic troops in the small city of Alentejo, Évora, namely the theft of valuable pieces of sacred art, which were both at the Cathedral and in the numerous churches in the city, and of part of the valuable collection of the Municipal Library, which he, himself, had founded .

200 years later, twenty-first century

A young student at the University of Évora, is searching for interesting and relevant information for his doctoral thesis in the ancient books of the Library. Among time yellowed and stained pages, he finds a small envelope with the letterhead of Frei Manuel of the Cenacle. Inside, an enigmatic letter in a shaky and hasty handwriting ….

After many days trying to decode that encrypted note, the student discovers the name of an ancient street of Évora …

Languages Spoken: English, Portuguese

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