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We know you may have lot’s of questions … so here are some answers!

1. What are puzzle escape rooms?

Puzzle escape rooms are a real life logic challenge which you can solve as a couple or a group. Rooms and puzzles are themed in a certain way, such as New York 1930s office, a jail cell or a pirate ship, to mention a few. Players enter a room and the room is locked. The goal is to find the key or code to open the door, but this is not simple. The process of finding the final key or code involves solving many clues, puzzles and riddles.

The standard duration for exit rooms games is 60 minutes, however some rooms offer slightly different durations. Each game is unique, however once you succeeded to escape one room you would not want to play the same room again.

2. What is

We are a global portal of puzzle escape rooms located around the world. Our
goal is to give you the best puzzle rooms at the lowest prices, so that you can enjoy exit rooms each time you travel to a new city.

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3. How do I book my puzzle room with

You can find the best puzzle room for you by using our search bar to find rooms in the city you are visiting. Once you have located the room you wish just fill in the booking form found at the bottom of the page.

Book your room in 2 clicks!

4. Will any payment be taken with my booking?

A 10% booking deposit will be taken to confirm your booking. The payment is secured with PayPal.

5. Is my booking confirmed?

Once you have submitted your booking and paid the deposit we will send you a confirmation via email within 2 hours to confirm your booking.

If the time slot you’ve selected is not available we will email you with 3 similar alternatives. You can accept an alternative your booking is confirmed. If you decline all our alternatives you are fully refunded your deposit.

6. What kind of skills do I need to win a puzzle room game?

The most valued skill to have is logic and the ability to reason. Having awareness and a minimum of intellectual ability also helps you to succeed at escaping the puzzle room.

7. Are puzzle escape rooms physically exhaustive?

Normally puzzles do not require any physical strength to be solved as the focus is on logic. You should have the minimum strength to open doors and climb five steps. The game does raise your heartbeat through excitement and fun, so if you have any heart problems please speak to a medical professional for advice.

8. Are puzzle rooms similar to haunted houses?

Not really. Whilst haunted houses are intended to scare and shock, puzzle rooms are there to challenge the player’s creative, logical and thought processes. Rooms are designed according to their theme. An office is not considered scary but a jail cell might be. Players are assured that no frights await them at puzzle rooms.

9. Do I need any prior puzzle solving experience to do well?

It doesn’t matter how many puzzle escape rooms you have already been to before, if its zero, five or ten. Each puzzle room is different, with unique puzzles, and therefore no amount of experience can guarantee you’ll succeed. It all boils down to how capable you and your team is to understand
the clues in order to solve the puzzles.

10. What is the normal duration of a puzzle escape game?

Normally a game lasts 60 minutes, however times may vary slightly according to the game location and difficulty.

11. Is there a minimum or maximum age limit?

Puzzle rooms are designed for adults and whilst some puzzles are easier, others can be quite challenging. There is no minimum or maximum age limit for puzzle rooms. It is important that children under 18 are always accompanied by at least one adult. We do recommend choosing EASY puzzle rooms when young children are present to allow them to participate in the puzzle solving.

12. Am I really locked in a room? What if I get a panic attack?

Although the idea of being locked in a room might make you tense, the puzzle rooms have been designed to be well sized and, wherever possible, air-conditioned. As part of the game the room is locked, however many puzzle rooms are fitted with a panic/emergency button right next to the door to immediately open the door by the players.

During game time the room and players are constantly being watched by the game master. Should the game master notice any panic attack or any other type of emergency they will immediately open the door for you. Even in cases of an electricity supply cut, the doors can still be opened safely and quickly.

13. What if I get stuck on a puzzle?

Not to worry! The game master will be constantly seeing your progress via CCTV. You can ask for help with a clue in various ways depending on the exit room. How much assistance the game master gives you also depends on the exit room. Before starting a game the game master will give you a briefing with all information you may have.

14. Do I need to bring anything with me?

All that you require to solve the puzzles are already in the room. You don’t need to bring anything else with you. You belongings will be kept with you inside the room with most puzzle rooms.

15. What clothes should I wear?

All that you require to solve the puzzles are already in the room. You don’t need to bring anything else with you. You belongings will be kept with you inside the room with most puzzle rooms.

16. Are mobile phones or cameras allowed during the game?

The use of electronic devices during the game are strictly forbidden and their use will result in the premature ending of the game. It is very important that no anuthorised images or videos of the game are taken. You will be given a photo opportunity by the game master at the end of the game.

17. What about food and drinks, are they allowed?

Food and drinks are not allowed in puzzle rooms for two main reasons; one might dirty the clues and puzzles and you need your hands to solve the puzzle within the allotted time.

18. How early should I arrive at the puzzle room?

We strongly recommend arriving at least 15 minutes before your game time to have sufficient time to be briefed by the game master and to learn some basic rules. Being late might lead to a cancellation of your game.

19. Are there any tips which could be useful to help my win the puzzle room?

Each game master will have his or her own advice on how to succeed at puzzle rooms. Our recommendations are to communicate with your team, don’t get stuck on a difficult clue and don’t get distracted since not everything is a clue.
We have compiled a list of tips from some of our partners. Have a read what they suggest here.

20. Where do escape games come from?

Escape games come from the classic ‘escape the room’ online point and click flash computer games. They were then made into real life games in Japan around 2007. Since then Escape Games have become popular all over the world.

21. I have another question.

You can always feel free to contact us at We will gladly answer any queries you may have.

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