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Escape Rooms

Our Mission Statement

To make it easy and cheaper for you to book puzzle escape rooms.


At we love puzzles. We know that there are many people like us, around the world, who have already been to escape rooms in their area and are now looking to try them in a different city.

We want to help you out.

We are constantly speaking to escape room operators to encourage them to sign up with us as partners. Each partner gives you a discount when you book through us. We have created an easy to use search box which allows you to find your ideal room; based on the city you are travelling to, number of persons in your party and your puzzle room experience.

Our Ambition

Escape rooms have been a growing phenomenon all around the world. We know that many people still have not heard of these games and we will work to change that. We believe that exit rooms can be the cherry on the cake of any trip; an unforgettable, thrilling experience like no other. We welcome partners, existing and future room operators, from around the globe to join us and offer players an unbelievable choice of the world’s greatest game.

Rooms of the Month

Sherlock Holmes: A Matter Of Time

Alexandria, VA, United States

Sherlock has summoned you to his study to assist on a case he has almost finished. You arrive to find him missing, yet know he was recently there... the scotch glasses still have ice in ...
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Ocean’s Casino

Copenhagen, Denmark

It's your time to get rich, to have more money than you can possibly every need. Getting it won't be easy, you'll have to overcome many challenges, but the prize is worth the effort. Do ...
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Secret of Cards

Munich, Germany

Fred, your friend invited you all to a poker party to his apartment. But when you arrive, strange things start to happen… First of all, Fred cannot be found anywhere.
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